Year 6 leavers Gift for Primary School children



The Recollections school leavers’ book makes a lovely keepsake and is the perfect gift to present to your Year 6 leavers this summer.

What is Recollections?

  • A colourful, uplifting book where children can record treasured memories of their time at primary school and much more.
  • It is personalised on the front cover with your school name AND with the name of each pupil.
  • Firmly established throughout the UK as a popular school leavers’ gift, Recollections makes an ideal keepsake and is the perfect way of keeping your pupils’ childhood memories alive.
  • Lively, motivational quotes appear throughout the book that will inspire not only the children but their parents and teachers as well!

What does it consist of?

  • It is an 80 page A5 book presented in a clear PVC book wallet with strap and press stud closure.
  • The wallet has an integral pen loop and each copy of Recollections comes with a pen in a choice of nine different colours, one of which we are sure will complement your school colours.
  • At the back of each book are four sheets of blank stickers for the children to write messages and stick them in their classmates’ copies of Recollections.

What’s in the book?

It is split into five sections:

  1. In this section, children can fill in details about themselves, their friends, family, favourite things and hobbies.
  2. School activities, school memories and thoughts about moving on to a new school can be recorded here.
  3. The children can have fun writing messages to their classmates and sticking them in each other’s books. In addition, there are pages for teachers and the school staff to write their messages.
  4. A colourful A-Z filled with random facts and helpful tips about moving on to a new school.
  5. An address section to help the children to keep in touch with their classmates and pages where favourite photos can be inserted.

Some added benefits

Over the years, Recollections has been of great benefit to children who find the transition from primary to secondary school daunting. Recording feelings about the past and future can ease children’s anxieties about starting senior school. As an alternative to presenting Recollections at the end of the school year, many schools use it as a class project during the final few weeks of the summer term. In this way, the whole class (including the teacher) can have great fun reminiscing and the children leave primary school with a beautiful book full of memories to look back on and enjoy in years to come.


How much does it cost?

The cost of Recollections is only £5.95 (plus VAT) per copy, with delivery to mainland UK schools free of charge. Funded by the school, PTA or by the pupils’ parents, Recollections ensures they will never forget their time with you.